August 5, 2005
More Maryanna...
Some shots of her trip to Naples for the Fouth of July, my trip to Buffalo to see her for the first time, and her recent trip to the Keys with grandma and grandpa (bottom of the page).

June 20, 2005
Jimmy wrote in:

"John - picture of AAB with "Maggie" her 17.0 Hand Trakaner Warmblood and "Lucky" her 14.1 Hand Super Pony. Little bit of a size difference."

Click on the quote above to see for yourself.

June 14, 2005
The Blessing
Maryanna had her blessing on Sunday, the 12th... and we have the pictures to prove it. Click on the proud mother below to see 'em.

June 10, 2005
The Life & Times of Maryanna Daigler: Week 1
Nine months in the making... Maryanna is finally here. Pictures are up... click on the cute kid below to see 'em.

June 8, 2005
Vortex III: Crooked Island
Pictures are up. Click on "Cutie" Bobby to see 'em.

June 7, 2005
Maryanna Elisabeth Daigler was born today at 3:40pm. Weighing in at 7lbs 8oz, mother and daughter are doing fine. Pictures to come.

May 10, 2005
Hurricane season is sneaking up on us again. Though I doubt it will be anything like it was last year, we're still not looking forward to it. In any event, I'm feeling nostalgic, so here's a reissue of my account of the first storm back on August 13, 2004. I originally did this in an email to share with our West-coast team members at work, but I think it's site worthy. When I have time, I'll be adding to the account, particularly the ordeal of my friends who ended up staying with me afterwards because the storm had knocked out the power to their apartment for two weeks. In the meantime, enjoy:

April 5, 2005
Welcome to the redesigned "" site. I've revamped the architecture (mostly back-end re-coding that none of you will ever see... that's the point) to make it easier for you to use and for me to maintain. It offers a new layout and design that will be changing whenever a better ideas occurs to me, and I'll be endeavering to make regular updates to this front-page section... blog-style.... to stay up on events with our family so that this site will be used for what it was intendended for... a family resource and archive.

Some upcoming family events that I will have more information on soon:

  • The Family Fishing Excursion 2005 -
    The latest fishing excursion to the Bahamas is coming in early June. Here's a link to information on Pittstown Point Landing that can be found at the Angling Destinations website.

  • BabyWatch 2005 -
    It'll be hard to top last year, but we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the newest member of the family... Maryanna Elisabeth Daigler... in June.

Stay tuned.